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  • Good morning. I just HAD to let you know. I am a heavy user of the internet, and got fed up with Internet Explorer years ago. I switched to Firefox, but eventually that slowed down too much, so I tried Chrome. Unfortunately Chrome was lacking in some functionality that I find invaluable, so I went back to Firefox.

    Then Gizmo alerted me to this new Browser, and I am loving it.

    The thing that I REALLY like, so far, is the way speed dial works. I am looking forward to more exploring.. I also appreciated the extremely easy way I could import my bookmarks and history from Firefox. Well done...and thanks.

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    @elricks: Welcome aboard!

  • @elricks -- Hi & welcome. Your post amuses me [with NO offence intended to you] in the context of the overall public history of V [Ayespy & i have been using V as our respective default browsers since Feb 2015]. If you were to trawl back through the myriad historical posts herein re V's capability to import from other browsers, you would see a very different "tone" expressed by many early posters. It always amazed me back in those early days -- V was Alpha or maybe pre-Alpha, yet so many people whined & moaned & whinged about how sucky V was coz it [then] lacked this, that & the other feature/function of some other browsers with over a decade of development behind them, AND comparatively huge Dev team sizes & funds. So, in the historical context, your post as a fresh-eyed V-newbie makes for happy reading!
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    @elricks Yeah, I also kinda felt - while reading your post - that at some point you'll start to talk about some feature missing or something not working properly (it's quite a new browser after all and it still lacks some features). I'm glad to find out that I was wrong... 😊

    BUT if you should find any difficulties while using this browser or have any questions about it, feel free to ask. You might also find the official knowledgebase and the unofficial tutorial helpful. Happy browsing! 😉

  • @pafflick And I am still amazed at how functional this browser is. One reason I switched away from Chrome was the poor screenshot options. I 'need' to grab portions of a screen and save it as jpg (or similar) to a folder. Any given extension in Chrome had less functionality than the same one in Firefox.

    Without adding any extension Vivaldi allowed me to do exactly what I wanted.

    BTW, I am more than happy to report issues I find via the bug report system. Assisting developers to work toward a solution is far better than whinging into the wind.


  • @elricks
    Hello there.

    There's no public bug tracker.

    But you could always report/ask about your suspect bug(s) here in this forum.

    Either the Mods or after some people confirm it, usually you'll be send to Report a Bug.

    Which in turn (if it excepted) the Bug Tracker will send you confirmation email with bug number.

    The rest lies on the Devs priority list.

    If you want to Request Features, 1 or more, the current thread is in Feature requests for 1.8 / 1.9.
    So people could vote for your ideas while you could vote theirs.

    And don't forget, common resident around here are also volunteer.



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