How to install and run Vivaldi regular (1.7) and Vivaldi snapshot (1.8) in parallel

  • I am running vivaldi snapshot (1.8) but I also like to install vivaldi regular (1.7) as my experimental and regular/default browser. But after installing Vivaldi snapshot, I cannot install Vivaldi regular. Can one share me the trick how to do this.

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    @nellaiseemai: Did you try to install it standalone?

  • @Ayespy
    Thank you for your quick response and the suggestion.
    As you suggested I did the following.
    Installed Vivaldi regular for all users as given in default installer. Then the snapshot I installed as standalone. This was directed to desktop from where I can open the Vivaldi app.
    Now I have both the versions installed.
    Thanks again.

  • I saw few other posts discussing this. I am not sure how to combine all the threads.
    I have given the links below for those questions and answers.

  • @Ayespy
    Yes. Right now I use the "standalone" installation option to run both Vivaldi and Vivaldi Snapshot. But for some reason it does not sound natural. I prefer applications being run from my Program Files folder in Windows.
    What I mentioned was an option like firefox where I can run Firefox (regular or nightly) along with Firefox Developer. Both of them got installed as programs in my "Frogram Files" folder. I have nothing to do during installation. They create their own folder for applications and local (for metadata and addons) folders. If Vivaldi gives that option that will be much easier to run both Vivaldi and Vivaldi snapshots.
    Thanks for your suggestion. Right now I am using your suggestion to run both.

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    @nellaiseemai: The normal install location for all Chromium-based browsers is in the user's profile folder, under appdata. Vivaldi has not seen fit to change that at this point.

    Yes, other browsers install in Programs or Programs X86.

  • I have actually Vivaldi installed in "C:\Program Files\Vivaldi" since 1.0 in both my PCs, it's probably related to the fact I use win7 32 bit with UAC disabled?
    It's true btw that user data is kept in "C:\Users\(username)\AppData\Local\Vivaldi"

  • @iAN-CooG
    For me also it is installed on the same locating you mentioned c:\Program Files\Vivaldi.

    Even if I create a folder for Vivaldi_Snapshot in Program Files for the snapshot versions it has issues in creating folder for user data.

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