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  • Just started using Vivaldi today. My browser of choice has been Opera but lately I am having issues so I thought I'd give V a try.
    My first impression is very positive! I like the Opera-like Speed Dial and would like to know more about creating new icons and/or if my speeddial.ini file can be imported for this purpose.
    A link for the best tutorial would be helpful, but I have always relied on forums for assistance.
    Thanks to all and a big Hello!
    BTW, I am a Lenovo ThinkPad (T61) user and Linux Mint 17.3 Rosa Mate is my OS.

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    @nypaulie: Vivaldi files and OldeOpera files are not compatible. The technologies are unrelated. There's not an official way to customize your Speed Dial icons yet but there is this:


    Otherwise, Speed Dial in Opera was a unique entity, different from Bookmarks. In Vivaldi, it's just a special way to view and interact with ANY existing bookmark folder.

    Explore, have fun, feel free to ask questions.

  • Thank you for your helpful response. Well I am now up to speed with all of my (29!) Speed Dial icons in place. I had made a text list of all the URLs and copied-pasted each one into the browser URL window, then bookmarked each one once it was loaded and signed in. Being able to bookmark directly to Speed Dial was the real work saver. Sweet!
    This system is so much cleaner and faster for me. A Happy Camper once again.
    Thank you.


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