Tab Suspender works, sort of, but crashes on settings

  • Hello,

    Tab Suspender

    .. works, and is able to suspend tabs. Settings can be setup after installing and they seem to persist.

    However, after a new Vivaldi session that loads the previous session,

    1. all favicons have been reset on Tab Bar. They also persist on Opera and Chrome.
    2. going into settings of the extension via the button in the UI and selecting all settings, Vivaldi will instantly crash.

  • @mtakala
    I also install this extension, since Vivaldi 1.5 till now Snapshot 1.8, although I admit only use it occasionally. I only interest on its Auto-Suspend Timeout.
    I never get the problems you mentioned.
    As I just test it again, all are normal here.


    1. It probably conflict with your another extensions.
    2. I didn't test this, but how you set Tab Suspender probably also cause this.
      From all it's settings only Recycle Tabs that I never touch since beginning.


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