An FYI on merchandise in Store

  • Hello guys,

    I love Vivaldi and wanted to show support by donating but I couldn't so I instead ordered a $24 t-shirt. The t-shirt is awesome.

    BUT, Royal Mail in UK charged me £11.08 before they could deliver my parcel. I had to pay this charge online. Out of the £11.08, £3.08 went to the government and £8.00 was Royal Mail's handling fee. 😒

    I was a little upset but I guess nothing can be done about the way the parcel is shipped, for example, maybe a warning about extra charges that will have to be paid?

    Also, a suggestion. Could you by any chance have a Donation button? 😃


  • Moderator

    You can notify them via mail ( about the extra shipping cost issue. About your second question, there's a special article: How to donate to Vivaldi.

    I know that I'm just another Vivaldi user (just like you), but nevertheless, thank you for supporting Vivaldi! 😊


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