A new Speed Dial bug?

  • A quick search found nothing on this, but forgive me if it's been discussed and/or solved.

    I'm finally playing with speed dial, and I've discovered that I can't rename new folders. Sort of. The first new folder that I created was successfully renamed, but after that, Vivaldi is ignoring what I type for the new name and reverting back to "New Folder".
    Am I the only one seeing this happening? Is that a bug? Is there a work-around?


  • @Joe1590
    Speed Dial also listed in to bookmarks, so you can play with them either on bookmarks panel or page.

    I don't have problem naming folder on Start Page on create or renaming it after its created in Vivaldi Stable or Snapshot.

  • Thanks for the info, dLeon.
    As it turns out, this was a bit of a false alarm. I can rename the speed dial folders now.

    The "bug" was in me - I'm a creature of habit. I'm used to being able to click-off (that is, clicking the mouse on some other part of the page) the entry to get the changes to happen. In this case, Vivaldi requires you hit the enter key. Not a biggie.


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