Tabs disappear time to time

  • Hi, I try to search this forum, but not satisfied with answers.
    I have some problems with tabs in two cases:

    1. All tabs except pinned disappear sometime. It happens after properly app closing - on next start there is not any tab but pinned. This is small issue because all tabs are recoverable from the trash bin, where is possible to recover whole window with all tabs.
    2. After last update (to 1.8.755.3) disappeared all tabs. Vivaldi was clean of tabs. And no possibility to recover them from trash bin.

    The first case happens in both stable/night builds. It happens unexpectedly without any crash reason. The second case happened once today.

    Any idea how to prevent it?

  • No guess for the first one but the second one is reported from time to time.
    Although I didn't experienced it myself I always save my tabs before doing an update.

    To do this:

    • Press F2
    • Type Session
    • Select Save Open Tabs As Session
    • Update

    So you can restore your tabs in case the vanish the same way as you stored them by selecting Open Saved Session
    In addition this function comes in pretty handy if you work on different projects.

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    @amihere007: Some extensions can cause this. I think a saw a user cure it today by uninstalling Twitch Now.

  • @zaibon Thank you. This should solve the update problem.
    Can you tell me - is there in a Vivaldi instalation some dictionary of terms translated to other languages? I use czech translation and "session" term doesn't work and related words in czech neither.
    So it would be wonderful to know the correct command in czech ☺

    @Ayespy Thank you. I have no extensions...

  • You might want to ask in the czech local forum or you ask the translators for your language (


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