how to share notes?!

  • Absolutely love the note feature in Vivaldi... but...
    how do I share the

    • note
    • the note folder

    the settings does NOT include info re: the file path to the saved files. That would be nice as well BUT

    sharing the notes and note folder would be ABSOLUTELY awesome IMHO.

    Here's my vid on how I struggled with the notes... it was only at the end that I realized that the share option is NOT part of the feature/function package:


  • @pleabargain
    The Notes data goes to Vivaldi profile folder inside file named... Notes. It's in JSON format.

    And I agree it could be useful too share/export that notes.

    There's a closest feature request for that.
    You can vote for that.

    Or you could feature request it in same thread if by you mean of sharing was really different.

  • Moderator

    Keep your eyes open for sync. I think you will be pleased.

  • @Ayespy Ok... I hope it comes soon! I find myself adding notes then realizing I shouldn't as I don't have an easy to way to get it out OR share it. :/

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