Trouble with installation

  • Hello, I have a problem with installing new version of Vivaldi. Now I have this version - 1.5.658.56 (Stable channel) 64bit - and not able to install newer. When I try to update, some file has downloaded, then Vivaldi closes, then it writes "installing" and then "Sorry, we are not able to unpack install file, please, try to download it again" (I don´t have english version so it is not accurate).

    If I download install file by hand, it is downloaded (cca 39MB), then I start it, then it shows first screen ("choose advanced option/read conditions/accept and install), then it starts installing and after about a minute installing bar disappears and file manager with Documents folder is opened and nothing else happens.

    How shall I install on newer version then?

    (sorry for my Czenglish )

  • @panDero You don't say which version of Windows, does anything in this thread help?

  • @TbGbe Hi, Windows 7. My installation is standalone, czech language. Update doesn`t work, new installation at different location then the original instalation works. Now I have two installations of Vivaldi. Import of my settings seems to work properly, so thank you.


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