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  • Hi !

    Zoom does not reset for tweeter

    When I go on the twitter tab, it stays on 77% zoom, even if in the Settings, 100% is set.

    Same thing when I check "Use tab zoom" to choose specific zoom for each tab.
    Always 77% for tweeter.
    I made a video to show the different steps : (close tweeter tab, then open it again with 100% zoom in the settings)

    I'd like the twitter tab to load at 100%... like all other tabs
    but no, It opens at 77% every time.

    I closed all other twitter tabs before.
    Then I opened one (and it loaded at 77% when It loaded twitter) then I put the twiter tab at 100%.
    I closed Vivaldi, then I went again on twitter : still 77%.
    Vivaldi can't forget this 77%, just for tweeter tab.
    I'd like to have a way to do something in a place like about:config to really reset this zoom problem... since in
    vivaldi://settings/webpages/ the zoom is already set to 100% (but tweeter tab doesn't care)

    Is it made at me?

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