Mild feedback: performance

  • I tried Vivaldi for about 5 days and just now switched back to Chrome. Overall, I like it, but I did notice that occasionally, there would be a longer delay, 1-2 seconds, before vivaldi seemed to start downloading the assets on the page. Overall, regular chrome is giving me better performance.

    Still like Vivaldi, I would just like to see it be a little faster.

  • I agree with you. I would like to see Vivaldi have better performance on Mac. The good news is, I have heard some discussion from Moderators that they will be improving speed and responsiveness on Vivaldi.

  • @BlazeKing252 Do you know where I can read about this discussion?

  • Moderator

    @D0J0P: It's been briefly mentioned here, there and everywhere. It's not (in public at least) been a subject of focused discussion.

  • @Ayespy Ah okay. It sounded as if there was a thread where the mods confirmed they will be improving speed and responsiveness.

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