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  • Hello, hopefully, someone has run into this problem. It's been a while since I last posted because Vivaldi has not given me trouble since early beta builds. Now it seems something has changed in our corporate Intranet when we migrated to the newest Microsoft Sharepoint. All the Intranet websites give me the error "Bad Request - Request Too Long" when using Vivaldi but work fine with Internet Explorer. Until a couple of months ago they worked in Vivaldi and I'm not sure what version I was using. Normally after typing in a short Intranet link such as "" it should redirect after validating credentials. In Vivaldi it stops at the redirect with the above error and the link looks like this:

    Couldn't post link due to Vivaldi Forum marking it as SPAM.... sigh

    Any ideas what causing it to error? It annoys me to have to switch browsers at work to recover, especially since Vivaldi is the default browser and all Intranet links open it first before having to copy paste it back to IE. So any help is appreciated, thanks.

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    That depends on your companies server and webapp config if they use a special browser detection which may fail.

  • Well.. some Googlefoo found me a solution for this error on Chrome browsers. Clear all cache/cookies/data and try again. Works now wooh.


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