Lastpass problems (again)

  • Hi, while the situation with Lastpass has improved a lot over the last few months, there are still some rough edges that make the user experience too difficult.

    Mostly, the problem is that when Lastpass has to prompt the user to input something, it does not do so.

    Some examples:

    • Suppose I'm logging into a site that needs password re-prompt: Lastpass will fill in my credentials, I click on "login", but Vivaldi/Lastpass does not re-prompt me for the password and the login form is not submitted. If I, instead, go to the Lastpass menu and click on "Show matching sites" => "Autofill", the password re-prompt is correctly shown.
    • Suppose I need to see/edit a site's info. I click on the Lastpass menu, then choose "Show matching sites" (or I enter a search term in the search field), then click on "Edit". Vivaldi/Lastpass won't do anyhting. If I, instead, click on "My Vault" and try the editing action from the Vault page, I can edit the site correctly.
    • (Just happened to me) Suppose I need to register to a new site. I enter my info and then click on the little icon to have lastpass generate a strong password. Lastpass prompt to "Generate and Fill" a password, which it does. But then, it doesn't prompt me to save the new site, so that I succeed in creating the new account, but I have lost the recently generated password. Even looking in the vault for recently generated password doesn't return anything.

    I am not sure on this last example: may be a problem in Vivaldi but may also be a problem in the most recent Lastpass extension because I remember this working before.

    However, Lastpass is too fundamental to have it working badly. Vivaldi needs to fix asap otherwise a lot of users won't take it into consideration when choosing a new browser.

    Thank you in advance.

  • Forgot to add that I'm on Linux openSUSE Tumbleweed (64 bit).
    Vivaldi is v1.8.755.3.
    Lastpass extension is v4.1.40.

    Thank you in advance.

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