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  • I think it would be a nice feature to be able to open links in an already open window.

    I have a 2 monitor setup, i use one to browse feeds, reddit, etc, the other one is the "main content" monitor. Currently I go open in new background tab, right click on tab, move to window. Especially bothers me when it's a youtube link that starts playing as soon as the tab gets focus.

    Is this a feasible/desirable feature? Let me know

    Re: Opening links in another window

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    Did you check if it is already (please search first in the thread!) in
    If yes upvote the post, if not post a short feature whish there.

  • @Gwen-Dragon ah sorry i guess i misunderstood the instructions
    can i get a bit more of help? how do i search in just that one thread? i the search tool it seem i can't go deeper than the parent "feature request" group, so when i search i get a bunch of older requests as well

  • @rapchee There's no "search within the thread" feature unfortunately, but you can narrow down the results to include - for example - posts written within the last two weeks only (the Feature Request thread was started 8 days ago since the time of creating this post). Try this search parameters. You can change the keyword and it should give you relatively relevant results... 😄

  • @rapchee Or you can open the thread than open the "in site search" "F3" and search on every thread site for a related significant word (I've to admit that in your case window or link are pretty common searchterms that probably result in a ton of false positives)
    This way to search keeps you busy for a couple of minutes but maybe you stumble upon other suggestions you want to upvote.
    ; )

  • @zaibon I haven't proposed this method for a good reason, that you seem to be well aware of. It's worth mentioning, but you have to keep in mind that it doesn't work quite well yet... 😉

  • @pafflick Oh yes I forgot to mention in this post that with 1.8.755.3 this bug disappeared - at least for me it does.
    But yes the in site search still is in need of a little polishing.
    Nevertheless I suggested this method because - even if it's a little unhandy - I still use it for this exact purpose. ^^

    (And thanks for reminding me about the bug post - I now have added the info that it is solved for me)

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