Sometimes a tab opens on the far right. Why?

  • This one baffles me. Sometimes, and I haven't figured out when, I find a new tab all the way to the right of the existing set of tabs--and I was definitely not working with the right-most tab when this happens.

    The last time it happened was via the PDF reader: I clicked a link and the PDF opened up on a tab all the way to the right, nowhere near where I happened to be (most of the way to the left). But there have been other scenarios, too, I just haven't taken note of them because I thought that I must have done something wrong each time.

    Here are my settings. Do any of them explain this? Using 1.7 now (Windows), but it's happened in 1.6 too, at least.

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    @rseiler: Per your settings, it should open in the stack you're in, or next to active tab. Looks like a bug.

  • @Ayespy OK, I'm on alert for it now, so next time I'll try to find something that I can repeat.

  • This happens to me too. Even though I have open next to active tab set, once in a while, it does open at the very end of the tab bar on the right.

    Could this be a bug that the developers still haven't found the cause for?

  • @D0J0P
    Closing RC 1.7 I ever mentioned that the tabs occasionally open on the left side of active tab what ever the settings I choose.
    Near 1.7 it seems fixed, but this time the open on far most right show up.

  • @dLeon This problem has been occurring for me since I started using Vivaldi in TP4.

    Of course, it's not as bad now as it was back then, but once in a while, tabs will open on the far right instead of beside the active tab.

  • So, yes, once or twice a day here, and I can't find any reason for it or pattern to it. It seems random.

    In a case where something isn't reproducible, is it still worth reporting? While it is true that if you enable "After active tab" and then just use Vivaldi that it will inevitably happen, that's not exactly what I would call steps to reproduce.

  • @rseiler said in Sometimes a tab opens on the far right. Why?:

    is it still worth reporting

    If it effect multiple people, it got noted anyway.

    Same as you, I can't pin point what's the cause.

    I still researching if one of my running extensions cause this.
    My suspects are those who alter tabs in any ways.

  • It's still an issue in 1.8.

    I did end up reporting it last month (VB-26332).

  • Yeah. Now, I'm a regular in vertical tabs. It's show up down below at end.

    I hope it's settled in 1.9.


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