No option to Check for Updates under Help

  • I'm wanting to update to 1.7, but there is no button to Check for Update under the Help tab. Any ideas?

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    @kwajperson14 - What version of Linux are you on, and what version of Vivaldi are you using? If you're on stable, and on most of the major branches of Linux, your software updater or package manager should offer you the update.

  • I'm on Linux 4.3.42 running Solus. My Vivaldi version is 1.6.689.46. My understanding is that Solus is it's own thing, not really based on any other distro. I was just wondering if the browser itself would offer the update or something.

  • Is 1.7 stable?

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    @kwajperson14: That is the Stable version right now, yes. You can simply go to the Vivaldi home page and download it.

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    @kwajperson14: Look at the bottom of this page...

  • Thanks for the reply. Do you know how to get the browser to manually check for the stable update if I don't have that "Check for Update" option?

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    @kwajperson14: the browser can't do it in Linux. How did you get Vivaldi onto Solus in the first place? It's not .deb, it's not rpm, as far as I know you have to package your own apps if they are not shown in the Solus software manager.

    Last I saw, Solus does not package binary packages in a standard fashion. What their "binary packages" are, are .eopkg files. It's not Debian, nor is it a distribution that utilizes yum/rpm. If it isn't in the repo, they say you need to file a bug, wait for it to be packaged, or package it.

    Is this no longer the case?

  • They have Vivaldi in the repo nowadays, but it's apparently not up to date.

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    @kwajperson14: I think it's fabulous that they have it! You'll have to file a bug with them asking them update it, best I can tell. I don't think the Vivaldi crew maintains any repos outside of deb and rpm. They do have a tarball you can get (can't remember where) but then you'd still have to package it. Vivaldi won't be building any .eopkg packages.

  • Right on, thanks. I love Vivaldi, I wish there was a mobile app so I'd be able to use it there as well. Keep up the bangin' work.

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    @kwajperson14: There will be a mobile app.

    One of our internal testers knows Ikey and Josh on the Solus IRC channel, and asked one of them about Vivaldi updates today. They say both the latest Stable and the latest Snapshot are now on the Solus repos. If you haven't checked since we last exchanged comments, you should look!

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