Windows 10 Minimize bug...

  • Hello, I just installed Vivaldi, on my fresh Win 10 and now after the last update, when I minimize it, I am unable to restore it to the last position it was in on the Desktop.

    I have cleaned the registry and uninstalled, rebooted and reinstalled, with the same result.

    Any ideas on how to remedy this would be appreciated.

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    @Salvorin.Fex: I use Classic Shell here, and Vivaldi size and position are remembered between sessions.

  • Yes, that is fine if it has been open on able to be viewed, but I can not open it to view anything on the pages that are open in Vivaldi, as in, right now it is minimized and I can't restore it. ALT+TAB does not restore it ad neither does clicking on it in the task bar.

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    @Salvorin.Fex: perhaps it's restoring out of range. Have you tried moving it back onto the window?

  • @Ayespy OKay, I have narrowed it down, I changed the default opening to Maximize Vivaldi.
    So, now it starts fine, however, when I use the key combo, WIN+Down to Minimize it, that is when I can not bring it back up again. I tried this same procedure with 6 other Programs and browsers and they all respond correctly, with the WIN+^.

    There seems to be a bug with the WIN+Down option.

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    @Salvorin.Fex: Weird. What version are you using? My internal test version works as expected with all window button combos plus clicking on the taskbar. But I'm happy to test whatever version you're using. Oh, yeah - and specify please whether 32-bit or 64-bit. All four of my installs are 32-bit.

  • @Ayespy 1.7.735.46 (Stable channel) (32-bit) on Windows 10 64bit Version 1607 (OS Build 14393.726)

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    @Salvorin.Fex - Can't replicate the symptom. It works as expected here, with 32-bit Stable on Win10 x64. Do you use any extensions?

    Of course I'm still on build .693...

  • @Ayespy I just disabled them closed out then opened again and it still does it.

    Are you using the same release of Windows 10?

  • @Ayespy It doesn't happen on 2 different Win 7 64bit systems.

    I have had other strangeness with Win 10 in general.

    Nor does it happen with Win 8.1 64bit.

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    @Salvorin.Fex said in Windows 10 Minimize bug...:

    I tried this same procedure with 6 other Programs and browsers and they all respond correctly, with the WIN+^.

    I have tried multiple apps and none of them opened up when pressing [WIN] + [⬆] keys. The open up only when the [WIN] key is being pressed continuously. I'm using Win10 Home (x64) v.1607.

    I wonder what happens if you press the restore button on Vivaldi (middle one)?

  • @pafflick Howdy, when I was using the Win+^ it was to Maximize the window for a window that was just on the screen but not taking up the whole screen. After I re-read this I see how I wasn't clear on that.

    After rebooting several times now, for other unrelated reasons it does now appear to be functioning correctly.
    When I rebooted before it didn't work, but now it is, so I'll chalk this up to a Windows 10 issue and not Vivaldi.

    Thank you, for you replies and troubleshooting, with me, on this.

  • Once downloaded you have unlocked yet, need to unlock to use your better offline

  • @Ayespy I also use Classic Shell version 4.3.0 (latest version) and the size (100 - 125 - 150% etc) is not remembered on my system.

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    @Dietrich: Are you talking about Zoom of pages? That would not be related to this thread.

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