Vivaldi Native News Client: Further Discussion

  • Hello, I posted a feature request on the 1.8/1.9 feature request regarding adding a Native News Client to Vivaldi. I wanted to know what people though of this idea and decided to post a forum discussion on it.

    A Native News Client would include you picking sources that you want Vivaldi to list in your news feed. It could also include a manager where you could add or remove sources.

    I have seen news clients extremely similar to the one I mentioned in browsers such as Opera. I hope you guys like this idea, and let me know what you think!

  • @BlazeKing252 These days though, when there are spectacularly powerful online readers such as (the Vivaldi of news readers), why burden the browser with all of that?

  • The mail client is coming in a few months, and I believe feeds will be integrated into that...

  • @rseiler good point..

  • @rseiler Because online readers request to subscribe and need an interned conection while in average RSS reader, once the synchronisation is done, you can access to all you're feeds offline.

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    @mossman: Perhaps not in the first version(s). At least there's no sign of one in what we are testing presently.

  • @Peter Sort of--An awful lot of feeds, certainly most by far, are not "full," in the sense that they give you a blurb only, requiring you to click to see the rest. And when you do....

  • @Ayespy Hmmm... I was expecting it because 1) it was how Opera worked, 2) a feed-reader has been mentioned AFAIK, 3) the "feed reader in mail like how it worked in Opera" topic came up several times, e.g. in the thread about requests for the future mailer, and this idea was never denied (nor confirmed, admittedly).

    I certainly hope it ends up integrated like it was in Opera - with the addition of sync so I have the same list of feeds and the "correct" unread articles on every device.

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    @mossman Given the exact same information I wasn't expecting it to come especially with the very first release of the mail client. As you said, it wasn't ever confirmed to be delivered along with the mail client...

  • @pafflick To be fair I never said I expected it to appear at the same time as mail, I just thought it was part of the same development. But Ayespy's comment sounds like a feed-reader is much less certain than I imagined...

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    @mossman: Pretty sure that was no newsreader in the first Opera email version. Also, this mail client, like the browser, is being built from scratch using completely dissimilar technologies from the old one. So even if the UI turns out similar to M2, the guts will not.

  • @Ayespy M2 definitely had feeds from it's first appearance in (IIRC) Opera 7. That was one of the "revolutionary" things about it - along with the (at that time) unique database storage instead of filesystem-style storage.

    It's that old Opera mindset (innovation which serves the user) that we see today in Vivaldi; hence I would expect similar from the upcoming mail client...

  • If anyone merely wants RSS feed detection (along with basic viewing and the ability to subscribe via your online reader of choice) in the address bar, this can be installed manually and works (rename the NEX file to CRX to install):

    Further, you can edit the extension afterwards to include your online reader if it isn't included by default (only a couple are, like Feedly).

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    @mossman If it was a part of the same development it would then make sense to be released simultaneously with the mail client (somehow). So, at least you have hoped for it to be released with the mail client, whereas although I'm hoping for it to be released too, I've never thought that it was being developed at the same. Probably because mail and RSS feeds are two completely different technologies (with mail being much more complicated than RSS). I've always thought that they're focusing on the mail client only and that the feed reader will get on their table next, once the first one is finally released. 🙂

    But of course, I could be wrong about it... 😃

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    I use SmartRSS and RSSDetector to get my Feeds.
    Download the two .nex files, rename to .crx, open Vivaldi Extensions Manager, drag the two extensions separately in Vivaldi Extensions Manager.
    Tataaaa, Voila -- a feed reader is installed.

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    @mossman: Pretty sure there was email in Ver 5 and 6, and it didn't have RSS. That was before M2.

  • @Ayespy Yes, I know there was a conventional mail client before M2 - but that's literally old news... I think we can assume Vivaldi has moved on from that level of technology.

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    @mossman - Mail technologies, per se, have not changed in essentially forever. App technologies have, and the M2 technologies, as app structure, are no longer available. M3 will be what can be built with modern web and app tech - and as there are SO MANY moving parts, and SO MANY options, functions and ways of viewing data that have to be incorporated, I suspect the first public test releases will not be a fully competent email client, nevermind RSS. Might not even have POP3. I could be wrong (I have been before) but watching this development process and testing the product really reveals just how complex this is.


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