Firefox Panorama (Tab Groups) substitute

  • Does anyone know of any good extensions that replicate how Firefox's Panorama feature (RIP) worked? Or can something similar be implemented? It was a very useful feature because, yes, tab stacks are okay, but get cluttered easily, and switching between tabs in a stack is relatively difficult compared to full-size tabs.
    It was very useful to have tabs able to be opened at once in the full browser view for, say, only looking at things unrelated to work when on lunch and vice versa.

  • @Lord_Bobbymort
    1:1 equality, there's none.

    But, I found these:

    • PanoramaTabs
      Look like Firefox Panorama only. Show in a tab. No Drag/Drop.
    • Tabs Manager
      Look like Firefox Panorama only, but in small pop-up form. No Drag/Drop.
    • TabsFolder
      Doesn't look like Firefox Panorama, but work like it. Show in a tab. Support Drag/Drop.
    • Taborama
      Doesn't look like Firefox Panorama, but work like it. Based on TabsFolder.

    There's other, but they're dead, buggy, or out right spammer.
    The rest is list mode, definitely not panorama.

  • @dLeon dude, you're the best 👍


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