Direct replies to the OP made on the forum don't show up on the blog / mismatched author

  • I've just noticed, that if you make a direct reply to the OP on the forums in the Team Blog or in the Snapshots category, those comments will not show up on the blog.

    Here is one example with one direct reply to the OP that didn't show up in the respective post on the Team Blog.
    Here is another example with three direct replies to the OP that didn't show up in the respective post on the Snapshots blog.

    There is one more thing that may (or may not) play a role in this. Those posts have different authors on the forum and on the blog. The first one is published on the forums by @tatsuki, whereas on the blog it says that it's been written by @jon. Similarly, the one on the Snapshots category appears to be published by @jonmc whereas on the blog it says that @Aronand is the author. It's a little bit confusing...

    Anyway, the main problem is that those replies are being lost somewhere and perhaps it's because of the author's mismatch thing. :\

  • @pafflick -- Interesting. Last week [or maybe the one before], i thought i'd stumbled across this too, & it really confused me. A couple of hours later though, i could no longer find the mismatch [ie, almost like after some time delay, the "missing" post magically materialised in the right place]. At the time though i just assumed i was confused & made an error.

  • @Steffie Yeah, that forum integration with the blog thing is still something new. I guess there is some polishing to be done on this yet. Vivaldi web services are obviously not the priority (that's fine because the browser should be the most important), however, there are a couple of issues that have been waiting for months to be fixed. We'll see how it goes.

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    The blog and forum got some changes. Is the mentioned issue existent for you?

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    @pafflick Thanks for notifying us, we know the cause now just to fix it :)

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  • @isak Great! 😊 Now there's only the thing with different authors of posts on the forum and on the blog. Is it by design or is there something wrong with that too?

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