Possibility to choose the "Download folder" and Vivaldi to remember last location per file type

  • The current shortcoming of Vivaldi is that when on a file download dialog I choose Save, it immediately saves the file to some default location without possibility to choose it (like the other overly simplified browsers Chrome and FF). Please add like in the old powerful Opera: [ol] [li]A dialog box to choose a target folder for the file - after pressing "Save as..." in the Download dialog box[/li] [li]In Settings/Preferences a possibility to define: [ul] [li]the Default download location - if one only presses Save (not Save as...)[/li] [li]the Quick download location (for use when user pick the Quick Download option - if it returns to Vivaldi, it was in Opera)[/li] [li]the temporary download location (for use when user just clicked Open in the Download dialog)[/li] [/ul][/li][/ol] Also it would be helping a lot in productivity if Opera remembered the last Open and Save location. It would be especially powerful if the [b]last Open/Save location would be remembered per data type[/b] (.pdf, .mp3, .doc, .hmtl etc.) - it totally makes sense that people hold different types of file in different folders, right? So it is rather obviously a significant productivity improvement, that would save a lot of time on picking folder every time all over again when user downloads something. And this powerful improvement is transparent to the user - it not have a potential to confuse him by some additional user interface items/questions.

  • @The_Solutor:


    Thanks for the link but the other topic does not cover everything I described here. It covers a part and something else.

    BTW, I actually wrote this post before the other topic was created, although I did a proof-read and posted it only now… It seems to be a race, who posts/reports first and I have not put enough attention to it. ;)

  • I meant just that there was already a topic about the problem.

    That's all

  • Please add like in the old powerful Opera:…


  • +1

  • You can now specify the Downloads folder location in Developer Build v1.0.138.4

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