Bookmarks & Speeddial sorting

  • Detail not important but annoying.
    Alphabetic sorting in bookmarks panel affects favorites as well as speeddial.
    If I want the alphabetical sorting on the bookmarks, but not on the speeddial....
    If I want to move and place the thumbnails as I wish on the speeddial page..
    As in O12, where the speeddial is not in the favorites.
    Is there a solution?
    Different sort according to folders? Speeddial aside?

  • I noticed this for the first time today, suddenly I found my speeddial thumbs sorted, and it happened after I changed the sorting from manual to sort by title.
    No idea if it's in the new 1.8 snapshot or it was there for a long time. I admittedly never sorted my bookmarks other than manually.

  • Yes, I'd like to be able to sort speed dial tiles independently. Seeing them not where I had put them threw me off for a bit before I caught on what had happened.

  • I can confirm it's something new on latest 1.8 snapshot. On another PC I had bookmarks set to Sort by title, but on start Vivaldi shows my speed dial with the order I set them. I open the bookmark panel then a new tab (vivaldi://startpage set in startup/Homepage) and now the thumbs are sorted by title too.
    I have to reset Sort manually, exit Vivaldi and restart it to see again my own ordered Thumbnails
    I also can't open the bookmark tab in the startpage as it's sorted by title independently from the bookmark panel, and from there the SD gets sorted aswell.

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