Not everyone is in the USA!

  • Just installed Vivaldi and so far so good.
    Liked the pre-added bookmark idea. Like the Opera of old.
    But can you please bear in mind that there are actually more people outside the USA than inside it.
    So how about including non-USA bookmarks as well?

  • I never cared, first action when installing new browsers for me is always delete the preinstalled bookmarks =)

  • @iAN-CooG clicked 'em a few times and loaded the sites in case vivaldi may get any revenue from them

  • Moderator

    @iAN-CooG I always click on the ones starting with to "pay" for the browser and then go on with removing them. 😁

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    @redschuhart Vivaldi does provide some personalized bookmarks/SD entries. It depends on the country that you live in - they don't necessarily have made deals with companies from your country yet. They do make revenue this way, so later on, when Vivaldi is more recognizable and attracts more users, you can expect to see more bookmarks/SD entries/search engines from companies that made deal with Vivaldi.

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