Removing context menu entries

  • I'm using VivaldiHooks and already found that to remove unnecessary entries from the context menu I could call chrome.contextMenus.remove(); however I'm not sure where and when to call it, and how to know the ID of the element I'm trying to remove.

    Validate and Fullscreen unnecessary in the context menu.
    I'm a developer and I often bring up dev tools by clicking the (usually) bottom entry in the menu which was called Inspect. Now there is the (for me) useless Validate and Fullscreen entries, which I'd use far less often than Inspect. It would be easier if Inspect was at the bottom and/or Validate & Fullscreen was removed. For now I can bring up the console with F12 that's no problem, but it takes additional steps to actually inspect the element I wish to inspect -.-

    What I tried with no luck:

    chrome.contextMenus.remove({menuItemId: "validate"});
    chrome.contextMenus.remove({menuItemId: "fullscreen"});

    From inside:
    c:\Program Files\Vivaldi\Application\1.7.735.46\resources\vivaldi\hooks\devtools.js

  • @Firsh
    On last day Snapshot 1.8.755.3, "Inspect" already moved at most bottom.
    You don't need to do anything more.

    Anyway, isn't it "Ctrl+Shift+I" (default) will brought you directly using Inspect?

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