Browser won't open a window on startup

  • After installing the latest version of Vivaldi on Windows, opening a new window will do nothing. It appears that Vivaldi is running but no browser window is present. Only after clicking on the icon again to open a second new window, the second would appear. This is especially inconvenient because I have the settings to start a new session from where I left before closing the last one. Anyone has this problem with the newest version?

  • This is a known issue this happens basically because the window is opening outside the visible area of your monitor.
    For some users this issue was resolved permanently after selecting the not visible window by pressing "Alt+Tab" than press "Windowskey+up Arrow".
    This should maximise the window and put it back in place. If this doesn't work for you press "Windowskey+ down Arrow" first and than maximise it again.

  • @zaibon Thank you so much! This solved the issue completely.


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