Bookmark pages more easily

  • Why can't we bookmark pages like in Chrome? There you can just drag&drop the "Site info" button (all the way to the left in the Address bar) and place it in a folder that's in the Bookmarks bar. Here, you have to drop it in the Bookmarks bar, drag it again and then drop it into the folder.

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    @karlo.spoljar96: The Bookmarks Bar coding is not complete yet.

  • @Ayespy

    Glad to hear it. Can you expose some of the changes? Minor or complete redesign?

  • The best way to store bookmarks that I found in Firefox + Add Bookmark here add-on, let you add a bookmark directly in the folders of the bookmarks bar

  • @paulmess

    Without looking at other browsers, the most time-consuming port of managing bookmarks within Vivaldi is:

    • Update your existing bookmarks.

    • Adding bookmarks to an existing catalog structure. It just takes time to find the wanted catalog.

    • Using or finding your bookmarks.

    • A tag functionality would be good. Where bookmarks could be organized within tags.

    • Synchronize bookmarks across different platforms including iPhone and iPads. Have tried different extensions without any success.

  • @Ayespy

    If anyone is watching. I just updated my bookmarks using the functionality within Vivaldi. The bookmark functionality is not as bad as I first impression. This is my initial comments:

    • Update Thumnails button. Hard to say. It is slow, you can do it one my one. Who got time for that. Or you need to select a range before you push for update of thumnails.
    • Add a bookmark checker. There are extensions doing this, but it could easily exist within the browser.
    • Would be cool with a timestamp of last time the bookmark was used? Or you could merge it will the history folder.
    • Add tags. Description and Nickname is fine. What about tags?
    • The searching functionality is good, with tags it would be perfect.
    • Got an button for Import. What about export? By selecting File / Export Bookmarks you can export your bookmarks. Why not make this option available It would have been cleaner if this option was available in View Bookmarks.
    • The add bookmark functionality / dialog from the address bar is time-consuming to use.

    Just a few notes I made when I updated my bookmarks.

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    @Mogle said in Bookmark pages more easily:

    Update Thumnails button. Hard to say. It is slow (...)

    What do you mean by saying that it's slow? It has to load the whole page in order to recreate the thumbnail - it obviously needs to take some time (which could increase depending on how many thumbnails are you reloading at once / your computer setup / your Internet connection speed / server response time etc.)

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    @Mogle said in Bookmark pages more easily:


    Glad to hear it. Can you expose some of the changes? Minor or complete redesign?

    Hard to say if it will be a rewrite, or just fleshing out the code. All of the stuff you need to do on a Bookmarks Bar will eventually be there. Full functions in hierarchical folders, drag and drop, editing, etc.

  • @karlo.spoljar96

    Ctrl + d
    In Vivaldi 1.7.735.46 (Stable channel) (64-bit) anyway.

  • @pafflick @karlo-spoljar96

    Did I say slow? I think I used the word time-consuming. With that I meant it is slow to perform the operation to add or modify bookmarks. It depends how you do it, the dialog box that pops up is small, and it takes time to scroll down and find the sub-folder where you want the new bookmark located. Editing existing is worse. Updating the dialog box, might be a quick and easy fix.

    My it’s not my hardware or internet connection that slows things down. Laptop Core i7, 32 GB RAM, running windows 7, with a wired fibre connection.

    Ctrl + d is good. The dialog could still be improved.

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    @Mogle This is how I would do it if I wanted to bookmark this page in a folder named Vivaldi.

    • Click the bookmark icon in the URL field
    • Open the folder drop list
    • Type "v" twice to locate the Vivaldi folder, which is the second of just two that I have
    • Click on Save

  • @Pesala

    Good to know it works for some! πŸ˜‰ Just kidding.

    I got a complex bookmark directory with a few thousand bookmarks. The structure is developed over many years, back to the beginning of world-wide-web. It is rearranged many times, and it works for me.

    A simple Vivaldi folder will not do it. It would be good if I had tags.


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    @Mogle in dropdown you can fast jump to folders by hitting 1rst character.

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    @Mogle I also have a complex folder with a few thousand bookmarks, but only two folders begin with "v". For a common letter, like "S" and "T" it takes as many as eight key presses to cycle through them all, but the average is much lower 1-4 is usually enough. Again, if the most is eight, one is likely to find the desired folder with 4 key presses on average.

  • @Pesala

    Thank you for the first character tip. I was not aware of that. That should make things simpler.

    I need to restructure my bookmark directory, several of my key directories got the same first character! Guess what I am doing when I got a free moment.

  • Don't know what's the fuzz about, I can bookmark any page with a single click. My bookmarks bar is located at the top, so when I visit some page that I want to be bookmarked, all I have to do is click desired folder in bookmarks bar and hit "Add Active Tab" button. Oh well, it's actually 2 clicks, but still... πŸ™‚

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    @toxpal The Bookmarks Bar is often just a single favourite folder, not the entire list of bookmarks in the side panel. For users who have 2,000 or more bookmarks it may not be just two clicks to open a deeply nested folder.

  • Well, my bookmarks bar has many folders, not just a single.

  • I think that easier than this is just adding a speech feature, there you talk, for example: Save this site in the sports folder. 😁

    I have 1,315 favorites, many folders with subfolders, I find it very quick and intuitive how to manage bookmarks in Vivaldi, adding is very fast.

    But as they have already said, it is not yet complete.


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