Can't view posts beyond page 2

  • I'm using Opera 43 to look at this site. If I select page 2 it comes up ok. Any greater page loads but quickly snaps back to page 2. Will try Vivaldi after I install it.

  • @tcebob -- Aha, i see that the Vivaldi digital barricades against "Opera" [sic] are working as designed 🙂

  • @Steffie
    I sometimes think Opera is sic, too. I'm now using Vivaldi and the same situation obtains. But I discovered that if I open the url to a different page in a new tab, it works. As I am the only one noticing this glitch I am prepared to take responsibility and blame Windows 10. Or maybe I'm the only one who wants to look at page 3. Just for fun, try it and let me know if it works for you.

  • @tcebob -- oh yeah, we all know around here that p3+ info is for losers; all the good stuff is on pp1&2 😉

    But to be serious, there is another recent thread in the fora mentioning this, so evidently you are not the only one suffering this. Whilst i can't necessarily fix this directly for you, i can offer you a workaround, if you're interested. If you can navigate your way to your Forum user settings [ie, not Vivaldi the browser's settings], there is a place you can deselect pagination [or change its number of posts per page], which then makes it become infinite scroll. I think many of us might use it that way; i do, & quite like it. Good luck.
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  • @Steffie I just changed back to paged instead of scrolled. I hated it.

  • @mossman To clarify - I hated it because:

    1. you have no idea how long a thread is or where you are in it
    2. it's constantly loading new articles in the background when you move up and down which actually slowed down my thread browsing

  • @mossman 3) the constant jumping up and down of the scroll bar position is sick-making and confusing 🙂

  • @mossman -- oh thank you, thank you, for posting this!! That's exactly what happens to me too, & is the reason i keep changing back & forward between those options. I don't really like pagination per se, but it does seem more stable / less jumpy. I like the idea of infinite scroll [especially combined with AutoScroll per extension], but its unpredictable jumpiness drives me bonkers. I posted about this some little time ago, somewhere, but got either zero or very few responses, from which i assumed it was just my own private madness. The last [recent] time i retried pagination, i thought i'd outsmart it by setting it to say 200 posts per page, ie, effectively a quasi-infinite scroll kinda sorta, but was defeated by its 20 post limit - curses.

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    @mossman I don't know, I'm using it all the time and the only inconveniences that I deal with is that sometimes the [HOME] and [END] buttons doesn't take you to the first/last post (I have to click'em several times) and that these buttons don't work like that on profile pages. If I want to go to some person's first post, the fastest way is to turn on pagination (unless they have only a few posts). Other than that, I absolutely love the infinite scroll. 😍

  • @tcebob I set it for infinite and am glad. Thank you.

  • @pafflick I tried it for a few weeks now and just decided that I much prefer to know how long a thread is and where I am in it (as well as not liking those jerky scrolling effects).

    If it's a short thread (a couple of pages) then I will quickly read through all the posts, if I can see that it's a long thread then I can choose to read all of it or skip to the last page if I'm not so interested. It's also much more straightforward to go to the last page than try the "end" button in a long "infinite" thread, as you indicated.

    Edit: it's also easier to use the find-in-page when there are, you know, pages! 😉

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    @mossman I have the [END] key bind to one of the extra buttons on my mouse, so the last post in each thread (no matter how long) is literally one click away for me. Can't beat that. 😜


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