[Resolved] Windows install - Vivaldi won't start!

  • Vivaldi sounds interesting. Installed 64 bit version, (all users installation option), apparently successfully, though a confirmation box would have been nice (there was none).

    Clicked on Start menu icon (Win10 Pro / 64 bit) and nothing happened! In Task Manager it appears briefly and then closes.

    Uninstalled and repeated with 32 bit version. Same thing.

    It would be nice to get off base 1! And I'd rather install in Program Files if possible.

    Anyone with any suggestions? Thanks!


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    @pete99- Try Advanced/install standalone in the Program Files folder and see what happens. Does it start?

  • Thanks for the suggestion. Just tried a portable install, though not in Program Files as I guessed that might create UAC issues, so elsewhere to a folder I have full rights to without the need for elevation.

    Unfortunately the same thing happens. Sorry.

    Thanks for taking the time to respond! Seems like I will be sticking with Opera... shame, as I had a look at Vivaldi on a VM and it looks very nice.


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    @pete99: Something on your machine is actively blocking Vivaldi from starting - 3rd party security software, Windows Defender, something. It is not "failing to start." It is being blocked.

  • @Ayespy Yes, I thought so too but I'm only running standard Windows Defender on Windows 10. I think it would notify me if it thought Vivaldi was malware.

    However, to exclude that possibility I tried excluding the Vivaldi folder and then the Vivalde .exe in Windows Defender. Same result - appears briefly in Task Manager and then goes.


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    @pete99 - You're the second person to come up with this in the past couple of weeks. The other one solved it by installing standalone. You might also whitelist Vivaldi in Windows Firewall. But whatever it is, it's actually being blocked. I don't know if it's from remnants of an incompletely removed 3rd party security you had earlier, a system infection, or what. But it is being blocked. Since the source of this is something which is adverse either to Vivaldi or to unknown applications, it's not something Vivaldi can address.

  • @Ayespy You say that but:

    • I have never run any 3rd party security on my machine. It was a self-build with a clean Windows 7 install, updated to Win10 the usual way.
    • Every other browser (Edge, IE and Opera) works seamlessly.

    Clearly it IS a problem with Vivaldi otherwise the other browsers, not to mention other software I run which access the internet (TeamViewer, Citrix remote desktop client, VMs that receive Windows updates, the Software Update Wizard, etc.) would surely have experienced similar issues.

    The very least I would expect from Vivaldi would be some kind of log or error message that might give a clue as to why it is closing (unless it's a subject of TerminateProcess() but as I excluded it from Windows Defender that seems unlikely).

    However, I am not important to Vivaldi, and actually Vivaldi is not important to me! I'm quite happy with Opera, but fancied a change! Guess it's not to be...

  • OP here again!

    So, long story, but when my PC originally updated from Win 7 to Win 10 everything appeared to go fine but there were issues like Office de-activating etc. which I believe were caused by the update messing up my registry permissions. I worked round these issues, but not not be restoring the original registry permissions. The machine worked fine for me, though I'm sure the original permissions corruption remained... it just wasn't affecting what I was doing.

    My machine was in this state when I installed Vivaldi, or rather, failed to make it run.

    Since then I had a (self-inflicted) problem after inadvertently running a utility which claimed to cleanse the registry of all USB connected device data. Probably because of the original permissions issue it made a complete mess of my USB settings.

    Therefore I had to run Tweaking.com's 'Windows Repair Free' which magically restored the default permissions to the Windows registry.

    And now I can install and run the latest Vivaldi without any problems.

    And pretty damn awesome it is too! Amazingly fast versus Firefox, that's for sure!

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    @pete99: Delighted to hear this! Windows is an odd duck, no? I recently installed a PDF software that others have used with no difficulties on Win10. It completely borked my UI and some basic permissions. In the end, I had to "in-place upgrade" Win10 (essentially re-install it without losing my apps or files) in order to restore function.

    In spite of the UI and permissions problems, all of my programs "ran just fine" and as long as I was in a program everything appeared routine. But Windows was broken. In my case, it was just a lot more obvious than in yours.

    Well, welcome aboard, and here's to a bright future with Vivaldi!


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