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[Feature Requests] Media Control Feature

  • I want to pause and play the music (or radio or podcast or video) of other not-active tabs! Like this image↓


    When I do net-surfing with listening favorite music (or radio or podcast or video), I want to pause! Not mute. Because If vivaldi have this feature, I can listen from stopping point again!

    And if vivaldi have the features to skip media and to control volume by vivaldi, that's more nice!!

    And I think it is good to replace Tab-Mute button with Pause & Play button on the tab , too. Like this image↓


    Because this is simple. And Pause feature can Mute the media.

  • Play/Pause Tab Button: So true, in general i never wanna mute the tab, but pause video/sound

    For the Media Control, I'd also be happy if it would be a "Media Control Panel". Currently I'm somewhat using the Panel to for Youtube Playlist to have quick access to the Video Controls (or resizing the whole window to a column).

  • I could be wrong, but does the browser have enough control of the media to be able to do any of this?

    I don't know how Vivaldi "knows" when e.g. a plugin is playing audio, but I'd imagine there's a big difference between detecting that and creating a custom interface to work with EVERY Flash, HTML5 etc. stream or plugin a page may contain... And what about e.g. multiple sources in one page?

  • @mossman Indeed, a browser is not a generic media player, and detecting the correct action to apply on every web players would be impossible. We have to click on the appropriate pause/stop button in the player interface.

  • @mossman @iAN-CooG

    I don't know whether this feature is realizable or not. But I have hoped this feature for a long time. Opera Neon (※) have the feature like this. And I think media control feature will be essential feature for web browser in the future. So, I wrote this feature request.

    Incidentally, I can pause and play the media of specific websites by Player panel of Opera Neon. As far as I searched, those websites are...

    I think Vivaldi doesn't need to have the feature controling the media of all websites.

    Player panel of Opera Neon↓

    ※. Opera Neon is the concept browser of Opera Software. This browser was released in January 2017.

  • @vipyoshi

    I made the image about Media Control "Panel".

    0_1488923039756_Vivaldiのメディアコントロール機能案 - 11(パネル).jpg

    But I don't hope this panel. Because I don't use panel feature of Vivaldi. 😅

  • - Ambassador -

    I like very much this idea. 😃

  • @Phosphorus Thank you!! 😃

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