How to view a site certificate?

  • When I click on the padlock, there is no option to view the certificate. Does anyone have any ideas? Am I doing something silly? I use this feature often, I can't believe I've only just noticed it's not available for Vivaldi.

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    @samhall: F12 -> "Security" tab.

  • @Ayespy Super, thanks!

  • Press "F12" and than go to security tab

    0_1487057790291_security tab.png

    EDIT Damnit I was too slow ^^

  • Any chance to get this info back in the padlock dropdown? Having to go through the Developer tools is annoying.

  • @ender85 Not yet, maybe in future the security page to see the certificate will be linked in padlock.
    For now, going in dev tools is the only way too see it, is the new default chromium behaviour.

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    @ender85 Embedding such link in badge popup is some work which could be done if there is spare time for the developers.
    I fear as someone can reach the certificate info with F12 → Security (as Chromium would do) it has less priority.

  • @Gwen-Dragon I agree on this being something nothing urgent, but it's definitely very hard to guess the way it is currently. Let say you want to check when your certificate expires, do you think users will be able to do it? I wasn't, and I had to search it in the forum. This is also the reason why I encourage myself to reply here.

    Every other browser has a much more straightforward and usable way to make it possible. I think most of the current configuration you see when you click on the padlock badge should be collapsed by default. Then, if you need it, you should be able to expand it and do more. Not having something as essential as some basic security information handy, it's something never seen before.

    I hope the Vivaldi team finds a little gap to improve it in the following few releases.

    Thank you!

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