How to make a backup of only the themes created in Vivaldi ?

  • I'm going to install Vivaldi on my sister's and mother's laptop, they saw how Vivaldi is pretty with the themes, and enjoyed the features of the browser! So I'm going to install Vivaldi on their laptop! I want to pass on my themes to them, I have 37 themes and I would like to share!
    I do not know where the folder where the themes are, if there is this folder.
    Sorry for my English! I used Google Translator! Thank you! ☺

  • Moderator

    @JuniorSilva30: Not sure you can do that all by itself. The theme info would appear to be stored in Vivaldi/User Data/Default/Local App Settings. However, a bunch of other data is in there as well, like your typed history (for auto complete suggestion in the address bar), your search history (for search auto complete suggestion), etc. So before you save that file off, you probably want to clear your browsing history and your typed history.

    ALSO - as the file contains a unique ID for your browser, I can't be sure that transplanting it into a browser on another machine would result in an intact data transfer. It might. I just don't know.

  • @Ayespy Thank you! I'll clean the data and make a test! ☺


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