can't drag a tab in maxium window mode to a new window?

  • I remember it worked (though the border space is also visible), but recently it does not. It still works when the current window is not maximized. Is this a feature or bug? Thanks.

  • Works for me. (Vivaldi 1.7.735.46 Stable, KDE) Drag and drop may be dependent on your window manager and may not be fully implemented in Wayland (or Mir for that matter).

    EDIT: Sorry, I misread this at first. This is probably the issue of not being able to detach a tab into its own window by dragging it out of the tab bar. It's been broken before, I have test more later.

  • Yeah, I'm currently unable to detach tabs by dragging, whether the window is maximised or not. It used to work in KDE to some degree (not perfectly). In Chrome and Firefox it works fine.

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    On maximize state; I drag the tab to left or bottom side of monitor. The tab will go & create new window.
    If I drag to right or top side it doesn't work. :confused:
    BTW, I have LXPanel on top side.

    Linux/Debian sid amd64 Openbox WM, Vivaldi 1.8.755.3

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    @dLeon: Works the same here on Win 10.

  • Thanks for the checks!
    Seems one really need to drag the tag out of the current window to create a new window... when the current window is maximized, there is no way to drag the tab out of it, thus no new window, and the tab needs to go back, unwillingly :).

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    @zhangdl: To be clear, dragging to the left or bottom edge of the screen DOES create a new window for me, both in Win10 and in Mint 18. Yes, right now to create a new window the Vivaldi tab does "want" to be dragged out of the window, but for my systems, the left or bottom edge of the screen does that, even when maximized.

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