How can I copy the full URL from the address bar?

  • Hi there,

    I am wondering how I get the full URL (schema://host/uri&request=params) from the address bar? Evidently the schema is only copied under certain circumstances (although I have still to find out what exact circumstances those are).

    I'm not using Vivaldi all too long, yet. I used to use Opera up to 12.x in the past, though. And since that has become unsupported I migrated to Firefox and now to Vivaldi when I found out about it. For me it's the most normal thing to press F8, which has the full address selected in the address bar, then press Ctrl+C to copy it and be able to reuse it elsewhere. However, with Vivaldi I have noticed that the schema seems to be left off. I noticed this specifically with an intranet address at my company which uses an explicit port (which makes the schema/protocol even more important).

    The result was that instead of http://host:1234/uri I only had host:1234/uri in the clipboard. Inserting that in a new tab and trying to access it, however, went straight to the preconfigured web search engine. WTF? Obviously you really don't want such unexpected behavior with intranet addresses (or any addresses for that matter).

  • To add insult to injury, you don't even need to copy the address bar contents to the clipboard to get this unexpected behavior. So I come more and more to see this as a big fat defect in the software.

    If you try to manipulate the URL in the address bar, e.g. by manipulating a request parameter, the result is the same. You end up on some external web search engine (whichever is configured). Here it was Bing.

  • settings/address bar/show full address

  • Thanks. Let me see if this also gets rid of the odd behavior. At least it should allow to copy the full URL, I reckon.

    Edit: works also for the second issue. Thanks.

  • @hvergelmir said in How can I copy the full URL from the address bar?:

    I come more and more to see this as a big fat defect in the software

    Well no, i'm sorry but you're wrong. It's more a big fat defect in the methodology of a V-newbie who [apparently] would rather post negative remarks first, before [/without?] actually carefully examining & adjusting the Settings.

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