• So i reverted to stable from snapshot,s expecting a more "stable" behavior, instead I get regular crashes and often get this picture; perhaps it is meant to be a funny cartoon, personally I' d rather see some info as to why the video has crashed.

    I do really like the concept of this browser but I find myself reverting back to my standard Firefox browser more often.
    Btw, I came to Vivaldi because I was/am not satisfied with the behaviour of Firefox.
    I really do like all the customisations, like for instance, the new screenshot facility which is great!
    but I do think it might be a better idea for the developers to get the basic functionality working as it should be before rolling out new things.
    my two cents.


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    The Dead Bird is shown if the renderer part crashed.

    You never get a information why this happens. That same unchangeable behavior on Chromium and Chrome.

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