The encoding used by Vivaldi doesn't properly Romanian special characters

  • You can see exactly what I mean by checking a page written in romanian, like this one for example:

    The special characters, like ă, â, î, ț, ș all look normal in Chrome, but in Vivaldi they look like a way smaller font was used for them.

    How can I change the encoding used by Vivaldi to match the one used in Chrome?

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    @HolyGigi No obvious problem here:


    Specs: AMD A10-6800K, 8 Gb on Win 7 64-bit • Final 1.7.735.46

  • This is how you can see which fonts are in use:

    1. Right-click the piece of text you want to examine (on a web page).
    2. Select Inspect from the pop-up menu. Developer Tools opens up.
    3. Open the Styles tab in the panel on the right and look for the font-family CSS property. In this case, a style sheet has defined "font-family: Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif" but the page has overridden it with "font-family: Open Sans". So it wants the font Open Sans, or something similar if it's not on your system.
    4. On the left, click open the <p> tag that is highlighted. Select the piece of text within it.
    5. Open the Computed tab on the right. You'll see the actual fonts in use under Rendered Fonts. In my case, Open Sans is used as a "Network resource", meaning that it's been downloaded from somewhere. It may not be the full Open Sans font but a subset that is missing the Romanian characters. They are instead rendered using a substitute font from my operating system.

    Google Chrome seems to load full Open Sans, or at least enough to display all characters on the web page. The next piece of the puzzle would be to find out why this disparity happens.

  • @Pesala

    Here is how it looks on my computer:

  • @HolyGigi If you want, you can get the full font from Google and install it on your computer to avert this bug, on that particular site at least.

  • @kumiponi Thanks, that fixed the issue 🙂

  • I dug a little deeper on the issue. There may be a bug/shortcoming in the WordPress theme that the site in question uses, or its settings are wrong. It only asks for a small subset of the Open Sans font from, and that subset doesn't include the special characters needed for Romanian. Google Chrome, on the other hand, seems to handle Google API requests specially. It doesn't even send a (normal?) font request when the page is reloaded. Instead, it has the fonts cached and provides all subsets even though the site doesn't ask for them – probably to make the web look better for the end user in spite of mistakes made by web developers.

    Open Sans is a very popular font, and just treating it differently would probably help a lot. A huge portion of the web runs on WordPress.

    NB. This is mostly guess work, I could be wrong.


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