Vivaldi crashes on Win7 without exception or sending bug-report window

  • Hi,

    Yesterday I've finally migrated to Vivaldi on my Win7 OS (before this I've used it on Linux for half a year) but today I cannot use it. About an hour ago, it stopped by itself when I read a post in social network (only 3 tabs were open:, google music and google translate). Now I cannot start it. As I can see by tasks dispatcher vivaldi.exe appears in the list for a few moments and disappears. No exceptions, no propositions to send crash report.

    No additional extensions are installed except flash player.

    Last stable version is installed (updated several days ago before the crash and one more time today after it)

    I had similar issue when I firstly tried to migrate to vivaldi on Win7. In that case it resolved itself after several updates and full cleanup of settings. For one time it was OK but if I need to reset all settings again and again it will be easier just to use Chrome again.

    Please let me know if there are any logs that I can send you here for investigation.

  • Some debug info can be found in \Vivaldi\Application\debug.log
    Maybe you can attach in a service like pastebin.
    There is not a direct way (for what I know) to send a dump yet.
    You could also try to kill any possible vivaldi processes before the run, to see if it starts correctly than.

    start > run (or win key + R)
    paste this in the box:

    taskkill /f /im vivaldi.exe

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    Please delete in Explorer "%LOCALAPPDATA%\Vivaldi\User Data\Default\ theses files Last* and Current*.

  • @Hadden89 said in Vivaldi crashes on Win7 without exception or sending bug-report window:



    There are lots of messages like:

    [0212/] range at 0xfffde000, size 0x230 fully unreadable


    It ends to fast to kill.

  • @Gwen-Dragon

    Tried to move Current & Local Session &Tabs files to another (non-vivaldi) directory. No difference.

  • Searched a bit on the exception from log through the forum and it seems that suggested deletion (actually movement to backup) "Secure Preferences" in helped.

    I'll monitor it for a few days and post results.

  • Same problem Vivaldi crashes on Win10 without exception or sending bug-report.

    Sam berry from Assignment paper

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    @samberry You need to provide more info about your problem. Like what were you doing when the crash occurred, what are your system specs, what extensions do you have installed, etc. I haven't had any crashes in both Windows 10 64-bit and 32-bit with the latest stable release of Vivaldi, so how can anyone know what is causing the crashes on your end?


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