Vivaldi Struggles to Play Online Videos

  • As a Chromium based browser I assumed it would play videos like Chrome but it cannot play any videos at fox news, boxing scene & 123 movies dot is. I visit these sites religiously and It's disappointing I have to keep using Chrome to play the video content. Is there anyway to fix this now or will it be addressed in the future?

    I do not have Flash installed on my Mac as it is a big security risk and that is why I used Chrome because it has Flash baked in.

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    @iTruth - On windows, I don't have a Boxing Scene account, but FoxNews and 123movies videos play just fine. So it's not the browser, per se.

    I don't speak Mac, so with luck some Mac wizard will be by and will help you set it right.

  • @Ayespy Ok, that's good to know. I wonder if I had flash installed if that might solve the issue? I might consider installing it.

  • I have the same problem on macOS Sierra. The CPU usage while playing a video is through the roof. Chrome is using far less while playing video. This is on a MacBook 12" from 2015.

  • Flash in chrome and in Vivaldi are pretty much similar - both uses the PPAPI one, which is relatively sure. On Vivaldi you should install from adobe site, than it should work as in chrome.
    You may also consider to use an extension to prefer HTML5 against flash... but if the site only support flash, the only choice is to install it.

  • @Hadden89 I was looking for an extension but I couldn't find any, have any suggestions?

  • I didn't find the ones I used time ago, probably as such extensions doesn't work well anymore.
    I was forgot that now chromium uses html5 by default and then, fallback in flash if the site doesn't support that.
    You should consider to install flash, and then enabling it only for sites you trust: then you can allow only for them.

  • @Hadden89 Yeah, I went on ahead and installed flash pepper but it's still not working. Perhaps a future update will fix this. I also made sure it wasn't my Ad blocker as I disable them on these websites. Oh well, I'll try some system cleaning, reboot and if that doesn't work I'll just wait for future Vivaldi updates. I'm sure eventually it will be fixed

  • @hachre Many people have been mentioning this lately. I have noticed this, too.

  • @iTruth I'm not sure how, but, I installed Flash and my video playing is just fine. But I did struggle with video content before. And, i'm running macOS and FOX News videos run just fine.

    I agree w/ your concerns about Flash, however, Flash is the main video player on the internet.

  • Fox News has always been a problem as far as playing and downloading videos from it.
    All I can say that everything is working fine here.
    I only have the following Extensions installed and enabled in Cognito:

    AntDM Integration Extension

    Note: Before I also had AdGuard AdBlocker installed as an Extension and this caused Fox News videos not to start, just a black screen.
    So I suggest you temporarily disable all Extensions and see if that solved the problem.

  • I believe this started after the latest update for me (I'm on snapshost 1.8.x, but I'd imagine it affects anyone on 1.7 release as well). Hopefully it's addressed soon.

    EDIT Not sure why bout closing and re-opening Vivaldi fixed my issue -- so it's probably unrelated, sorry.

  • I would have to agree with this. I like VIvaldi, but it just does not play a lot of videos. So I have to open up Chrome to make that happen. I am trying to make Vivaldi my default browser, but it is not ready for that just yet.

  • @DarkVulf

    It happens on both Chrome and Vivaldi.
    Sometimes the same video plays smoothly, sometimes it doesn't.
    On both browsers.
    That is my experience anyway.

  • Just to share my experience, I've found that videos on Twitter won't play for me, I do have flash installed, and am using macOS 10.12.1, everything seems to work okay on Chrome though.

  • I can confirm Vivaldi on Mac Os Sierra fails to play almost every video including Twitter, CNN and many other websites. Youtube is working as expected although sometimes I get player error but I believe it's on Youtube's end. I have Flash player installed and up-to-date.

  • I'm still running El Capitan and have no problems currently, but I would try and check vivaldi://gpu concerning any video issues. Could be that it isn't operating system related, but a problem with the compatibility of the graphics, especially if you happen to use an igpu.

  • Running MacOS 10.12.3 and Vivaldi 1.7 and see no problems with any videos: CNN, Twitter, YouTube. Fox, even NFL videos (which have given me problems in the past). I have Flash installed.


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