Custom sync (DropBox, Google, Microsoft etc.)

  • I don't want another account, I just want a way to configure Vivaldi to use one of mine (and everyone elses...) many cloud hosts that we have already.

    There's no reason why the Vivaldi team needs to build and maintain some big "server farm" (As the mods keep replying to these requests..) when the solution is so obvious! A simple section in the settings where we can show Vivaldi where our cloud-hosted folder is will work.. Then Vivaldi can put our bookmarks and extensions there.

    I am frustrated that this community has so many posts by users asking for this feature that date back more than 1 year and it's still not a feature and the mods have snarky reply about the expense of "server farm".

  • Moderator

    @michealpwalls: Sync has been under construction for over 2 1/2 years. It's not something one can simply toss off, whether using Vivaldi infrastructure or your own cloud account. Using their own infrastructure, they can a) sync more things than you could easily think of and b) properly manage encoding and security.

    Sync is now much closer than you might think. It's being internally tested. Please be patient.


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