Can't change email address in Vivaldi profile

  • I can't edit the email address in my profile settings. The address appears in blue and I can't edit it as I can the other fields. This looks deliberate so maybe I'm missing something.

    Vivaldi browser is fast! I like it!

  • Moderator Not sure if it's "intentional," but it is the current state of the forum software. Don't know for sure if it will stay that way. @gaelle the community manager can probably edit it for you. I think the reason it can't be edited has something to do with the way your profile ID is initially set up on the system. It is tied to that email address.

  • Thanks very much for the suggestion!

  • @Ayespy so is it possible to just request an alternate email address to serve as our forum handle if we're not huge fans of our own Vivaldi usernames? I realize that might be kind of an upper-level policy question (i.e. "are we going to just let users bombard us with username alteration requests, since there isn't yet a way to have them do it themselves?") Thanks in advance.

  • Moderator

    @Dborhanian: It is possible to request another address. Simply Send a message to Vivaldi and ask. Implementation of more user flexibility is being investigated.

  • @Ayespy I have had a rough time signing on as a member myself. My user name is corrupted because I typed it wrong. Then I could not remember my username nor could I create a new user because my email address was already locked into this unknown user name. And I could not look it up by my email address. Finally an email to vivaldi fixed it. Probably the same thing needs to be done for you. (I still have the corrupted username too)


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