Disappearing tab bar (solved)

  • After I tried to use the fullscreen mode today, specifically after exiting it, ever since, even after a browser restart, I can't see the tab bar (I managed to turn on status bar via menu).

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    @punchyrascal: Do you want help, or do you just want to slag off the browser?

  • Try [ALT]+[P], go to Tabs, select "Show Tab Bar". Or perhaps you clicked [CTRL]+[F11] (Toggle UI)? In that case, just press those keys again. The fullscreen should be disabled after restarting the browser, whereas Toggling UI is more persistent.

  • Ok, I apologize, I did press CTRL+F11 while in fullscreen because in opera it used to turn off the scrollbar (or so I remember) or maybe it was shift? Who knows.

    Thanks for the hint.

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