Vivaldi don't reinstall on Windows 10!

  • I'm trying to reinstall the Vivaldi 1.7 on my Windows 10, but when the instalation finish the vivaldi icon just appear for a second on the desktop and then disappear, like something is deleting the browser without my knowledge, I don't know what's going on or what to do D:

    I already try to delete the old vivaldi folder from older instalation and doesn't work, and this happens in both 32 and 64 bit versions... :(

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    @dougfane: What sort of security software do you run?

  • @Ayespy I have only the Windows Defender and the Windows Firewall activated on my system, and this is happening only with the Vivaldi installation.

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    @dougfane: Are you doing a "default" install, standalone, or "for all users?"

  • @Ayespy default, the only thing I change is the language.

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    @dougfane: First, check the install location and see if there is a valid install there (C:\Users(you)\Local\Vivaldi that for some reason has no link on the desktop.

    If not, try running the installer as admin.

  • @Ayespy there is only a "User Data" folder in install location and I already tried run as admin =/
    Install location

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    @dougfane - Do you know how to "whitelist" programs in Windows Firewall and Windows Defender?

  • @Ayespy I change the location for the installation and worked! This does not resolve the issue with the default installation but at least I can use it =D
    alt text

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