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  • I run Vivaldi on three different devices, all running the dread Windows 10. I have received the notification that a stable version of Vivaldi is available on all three and yet it has failed to launch on each of the devices. What is the problem, is it Windows 10 or is the update as stable as it suggests. I am fed up having to uninstall and re install the latest version of vivaldi as each time an update is offered without fail it always fails to update and I have to do this on all three devices. Any solutions anyone?

  • Just to be fully clear, are you manually attempting to start the update of Vivaldi after the update notifications appear, and then the updater then fails to do anything? Vivaldi currently does not forcibly auto-update, but instead auto-notifies of updates, and that requires user intervention to trigger the update installation.

    If, indeed, you're manually giving the go-ahead to update by clicking on the appropriate button in the notification, what exactly happens next?

  • You could possibly be having the same problem that I do. If the installer seems to run but then opens the same old version, look in "C:\Program Files (x86)\Vivaldi\Application" and see if you have "new_vivaldi". I get a proper installation once in a while, but usually not. No idea why it happens, but here's a link to a previous discussion.


  • @Blackbird Thanks for posting, I click on the install button, close the browser, the update runs and then I get the message 'failed to install update'. After several attempts I give up and uninstall and reinstall the latest version of the browser, this is common to netbook, laptop and desktop computer all of which run Windows 10. All three devices are from different manufacturers.

  • @justjohn Thanks for posting. Had a look at the link but all too technical for me to understand so not for me. Tried looking in Program files but could not find any folders with the heading you suggest, to be honest have no idea where I would actually find the vivaldi installation file but in my laptop download files I found version 1.6 but no sign of the secure stable 1.7 I clicked on which prompted my posting

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    @Joamie: Your Vivaldi installation is probably at C:\Users(yourusername\Local\Vivaldi.

    For kicks, try installing the update WITHOUT shutting down the browser. Let the updater do the shutting down itself.

    Have you tried downloading the installer offline and running it as administrator?

    I mean - it SOUNDS as though your systems aren't giving you the necessary privileges in the relevant location.

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    Check if there are running Vivaldi zombie processes in Taskmanager.
    Open %TEMP% in Explorer and clean the temporary folder.
    Try to update with Help -> Check for Updates.


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