Video stuttering with multiple monitors

  • First off, my setup:
    Multiple monitors, Windows 10 x64 Enterprise, Nvidia 1070, Intel 6700k, 16GB ram, Vivaldi 1.7, every driver imaginable up-to-date.

    When I play any video on any site in fullscreen on one monitor then perform any action in more or less every other application I've tested, even another Vivaldi window, the video feed on all my monitors freeze up for a few seconds.
    An action can be something as simple as moving the mouse around, scrolling, clicking things, writing.
    This only occurs when the video is fullscreen, and its an issue I have not encountered in any other browser ever.
    Tested with videos on Youtube and Vimeo, even streams from sites like

    I tried changing some of the fullscreen-related settings, none seemed to help. Have not tried messing with flags yet.

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