Proper "Session" Management

  • I always waited for this to appear in old Opera, unfortunately it never did. Only Firefox managed to get close to it by their "Panorama" mode, although its over-complicated imho. What I need is ability to manage browser sessions from panel. Each session can have one or more browser windows, and of course each window can have many tabs. I think it could be similar to old opera "Windows panel" which was awesome in many ways (tab list, tab search, easy way to move tabs between windows etc), but there should be one more tree level - sessions - and only one session should be active at a time.

  • I need visual session management because of few reasons:


    • I don't always remember exactly what sessions I have created In my browser. Some sessions are related to some long-term projects I develop in spare time.
    • Very often while browsing in one session I tend to find something not really useful in current subject, but what I wish to have while working on something else in those cases I have to be able to move (a tab, or set of tabs) to another session.
    • Its good to have everything in one place - to see all sessions I have opened, what I have worked (working) on.

    Having windows panel seems appropriate place to implement it.

    All sessions with all windows with all tab groups and all tabs doesn't have to be opened at once, I think.
    Though It would be nice to be able to move a tab from one group / window to another session / window / tab or tab group, this is not necessary as long as I can move a tab into session and then, when I decide to switch, I know it will be there waiting for me.

    Achieving something that simple, as moving a tab between sessions is very hard in Opera 12. You have to basically copy and paste an url, switch session and then paste it, and switch back.
    In FF its simpler but still you have to switch to panorama mode. And I've done it for a while and had my sessions quite organized, at some point (when I had to open some pages fast) I forgot to clean it up later, or keep postponing it, and then I had some extension crash (tabMixPlus i suppose) and all those sessions went to hell. Firefox is firefox, its nice, but it will never be as good as full featured browser.
    Simplicity of managing sessions is a KEY point for me.

    I could use multiple windows for this, and I even tried in old opera, since I could manage windows from windows panel, but:

    • At some point it really begin to hurt my system (200+ tabs opened in different windows), while working in only some of them.
    • It was hard to manage all those opened window (I was using Win XP back then).
    • In some rare occasions I need two windows for one session (occasionally this other window can grow into its own session).


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