Visual indicator of tab "stack"

  • Hi, I love the idea of stacking tabs, but it drives me crazy that there's no visual indicator of a "stack" without hovering over it. Somehow there should be some dimension to a tile stack (or icon or something) which indicates that it's a pile of icons, and what they relate to. Maybe even just putting some opacity on a stack with the root url or something. I.e., if there's a bunch of twitter pages stacked together, you could have a slight gray (or whatever) over the screenshot, and in the middle of it a "twitter" or something.

    Anyway, you slice it there needs to be some sort of visual indicator of stacks.


  • There is, tab stacks have "tablets" across the top if you look closely.

  • Moderator

    @laughfactory: Stacks are indicated by the little selector strips at the tops of them.


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