Easier Tab Tiling

  • Right now the current behavior requires that a user select multiple tabs to tile them into the current window.

    I'd prefer that I could select a tab and add it to the current tiling. I.e., if I have one active tab then I should be able to right click on another tab and select "add to tiling" or something like that. Or, even easier, be able to grab a tab and drag it into the active window to add it to the tiling.

    Otherwise it's just a pain to have to select it in the left side, and then go to "tile tabs".


  • Moderator

    @laughfactory You will find it easier if you stack the tabs first, then there's an option to tile tab-stack or untile tab-stack.

  • @Pesala Although there's nothing easy about stacking tabs, at least that I've found. Perhaps there's a trick to it, but it ends up being more like a game for me, typically taking numerous tries.

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    @rseiler Enable Tab Selection in vivaldi://settings/tabs/ hold [CTRL] (or [⌘ CMD] on MacOS) key and click on Tabs you want to group and then select "New Tab Stack with Selection (x Tabs)" from the context menu. That might be more accurate than drag&drop. This also works for tiling tabs without stacking them first.

  • @pafflick Thanks, that's great! That was already enabled but it's just not a concept that I ever looked into or maybe even noticed.


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