can't array my tabs on top

  • Win 10 - Downloaded the most recent update and now I can't see tabs along the top
    0_1486741762769_vivaldi top no tabs.jpg

    I have to use the bottom
    0_1486741792924_vivaldi bottom tabs.jpg

    I would like to put my tabs along the top, as I've always done --
    RA Harris

  • I'd start disabling all the extensions and see if it gets better, then investigate which one is causing this, enabling them one by one

  • Thanks but the problem started with the update, not with the addition of an extension. Hence the problem is the "upgrade."

  • Vivaldi Translator

    @iAN-CooG mean try to disable all your extensions then enable it one by one. There might be extension vs Vivaldi conflict. Which mean regression.

    Or you already done that?

  • Moderator

    @raharris: An upgrade can cause a new conflict with an existing extension.

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