Open websites in new tab.

  • I need an option for openinig adresses or search results , which i wrote on adress bar, in the new tab.
    Furthermore, Vivaldi should give this option everywhere, it is standard now to choose do you want open something in new tab or not.

  • @Firlej
    1st of all you make at least 3 consecutive posts in wrong place. This Vivaldi "Forum" Request part.

    About your question:
    If you use search box. Then just input your search and press Alt+Enter.

    If you opt it to enable search in address bar. Which in turn has an option to always open results in new tab.

    1. You need to set nickname/keyword for you favorite search engine.
      Let's we take Google "go" for example.

    2. 0_1486746585196_key.jpg
      1st sorry for the quality, I'm not sure why my image looks squeezed here.
      You see that On "Open Address in New Tab"? Vivaldi default is Alt+Enter.

    3. Now, go to Vivaldi Address Bar
      Input like this;
      go what to search (Press Alt+Enter)
      Your search results will open in new foreground tab.

  • @dLeon The all problem is, i don't want to click milions of times another key on keyboard nor on mouse. So i write my request, which is a standard in Opera for an example.

  • @Firlej

    I already post how to put your request in your other posts.


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