More indispensible features for searching bar.

    1. Possibility for manage search engines order/sequence.

    Now , when i want to add new search engine, and don't want it at the end of my search engines list, i have to delete all search engines above and add them again below new search engine.

    1. When clicking on searching bar to start writting text, the search engines list should open automaticly.

    Now i have to click and click again all the time. First for write a text, next for choose a search engine.
    3) Keywords doesn't work in the searching bar, but works in the adress bar, which is most illogical and crazy thing that i have ever seen as a user of many browsers.

    I'm sorry, but now the searching bar is useless without those essential features, which old Opera have.

  • @Firlej
    As I post in your other posts, 3 consecutive posts in wrong place.

  • @dLeon I don't know where i should paste it.

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    @Firlej - Belongs in the Browser categories, not the Forum categories, All Platforms/Feature Requests. I'll move them.


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