Can't search in searching bar by using keywords.

  • It only works when i use adress bar, but when i search by adress bar, results are shown only in the same tab( and i can't understand why that one simple thing can't be added by Vivaldi, is it malicious?).
    Not sure if it is a bug, but it looks like a bug.

  • @Firlej
    As I post in your other post, 3 consecutive posts in wrong place.

    Use Alt+Enter (default) when in Address Bar or Search Box to open in new tab.

    You can't use nickname/keyword in Search Box.
    The only browser I have that do have Search Box is Firefox. We can't use nickname/keyword there too.

  • @dLeon Old Opera have it. I don't know where is the correct place.

  • @Firlej
    Then this your feature request.
    Currently everything is being collect in Feature requests for 1.8 / 1.9

    Check there 1st, vote them if there's one. If no one ever request it then Post yours.
    In that post, if you have multiple requests, make sure to split your posts. So people could choose & vote your request.

    About posting:
    On Forum Front Page.
    If your problem/question/request is about Vivaldi browser. Then go to "Vivaldi Browser" category. And or choose (preferably) its sub category of your Operating System (OS) where your Vivaldi run.

  • I put a vote for keyword/nickname search:


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